The Melbourne Greenskeeper Challenge

So is there anyone better to service your lawn and garden to the highest standards than an ex-Greenskeeper that worked at some of the highest rated golf courses on the planet?

Nick "Fitzy" Fitzpatrick is one of two owner/operators at VIC Turf & Landscape Solutions. Nick started his Landscaping career as a Carpenter and his passion for turf lead him to a position at Royal Melbourne Golf Course.

While employed at Royal Melbourne Golf Course - Australia's number one rated golf course - Fitzpatrick gained a Turf Management qualification and spent 8 months at 'The Home of Golf', St Andrews Golf Course (Scotland). During Nick's time at a place of sacred turf, St. Andrews, he had the pleasure of working the course during the prestigious 2010 British Open. The following year Nick worked at The Presidents Cup back at Royal Melbourne and it was during this stint he was featured in various Australian media publications such as The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian Turf Management Journal.

Nick later moved to King Island after taking up a job offer of 'Grow In' Superintendent at Cape Wickham Golf Course - one of the top rated golf courses in the country - the course "that has the world talking about it". While at King Island, he thrived in his position, however the time away from his partner & her children took its toll and eventually brought him home again to Melbourne, which soon introduced him to a career in gardening.

Nick brings to the table vast Carpentry, Turf and Gardening knowledge and expertise.

These diverse yet complimentary roles have over time led to Nick acquiring experience in the major Landscaping fundamentals of Carpentry, Lawns/Turf Management and Gardening. Nick draws from his years of experience to offer a vast range of expert Landscaping services to both residential and corporate clients around Melbourne, VIC.

Services offered:

Nick is co-owner/operator alongside Ash Thomsen at Vic Turf & Landscape Solutions.

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